About DaGGaSoft

DaGGaSoft was started in 2013 when Richard Bettridge got his hands on an Oculus Rift and started to use Unity3d. Since then DaGGaSoft's games have gone on to win international awards and been featured in Let's Plays by prominent game reviewers.



Current there is minimal support offered by daggasoft. You can us the support link in your respective app store, listed under the given app/game. Alternatively you can leave comments at the bottom of this page.


DaGGaSoft General Privacy Policy DaGGaSoft will not collect any personal details of its customers for marketing purposes. DaGGaSoft may offer cloud services for its software. Which may involve the collection of username, password and email address for the purposes of authentication and/or an online high score database. This privacy policy will be amended if and when cloud services are offered for some software. Amendment a. device UID and/or username will be collected for online highscore services. DaGGaSoft may display advertisements in some software for the purposes of generating revenue. This privacy policy will be amended if and when advertising is displayed in some software. Amendment b. advertisements may be displayed in free editions of games at discretion of publisher. Conditions may vary between platforms and devices. This general privacy policy may be amended from time to time or replaced with notice.